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15557 - Panel Air Filter For Kohler

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The 15557 Panel Air Filter 

WIDTH = 5-3/8"
HEIGHT = 1-3/8"
LENGTH = 6-3/4"


    • ARIENS: 21541600

    • CRAFTSMAN: 24642

    • HUSQVARNA: 577513401, 77513401

    • KOHLER: 20-083-02-S, 20-083-06-S, 20 083 02, 20 083 02-S, 20 083 06, 20 083 06-S, 20 083 06-S

    • MTD: 2088302S1C, 98018

    • OREGON: 30-225, R-30-225-CP

    • SEARS/CRAFTSMAN: 24642

    • STENS: 055-301

    • TORO: 98018, 20 083 06-S

    Fits Models

    • HUSKEE: 13AX605H730

    • KOHLER: Courage Single Cylinder 15-20 HP Models: SV470 - SV600, SV470-0001, SV470-0002, SV470-0003, SV470-0004, SV470-0005, SV470-0006, SV470-0007, SV470-0008, SV470-0009, SV470-0010, SV470-0011, SV470-0015, SV470-0103, SV470-0104, SV470-0105, SV470-0108, SV470-0111, SV470-0115, SV470-0116, SV470-0117, SV470-0119, SV470-0120, SV470-0121, SV470-0122, SV470-0123, SV470-0200, SV470-0203, SV470-0210, SV470-0211, SV470-0212, SV470-0213, SV470-0214, SV470-0215, SV470-0216, SV470-0217, SV470-0218, SV470-0219, SV480-0001, SV480-0002, SV480-0003, SV480-0005, SV480-0015, SV480-0102, SV480-0103, SV480-0105, SV480-0115, SV480-0116, SV480-0117, SV480-0118, SV480-0119, SV480-0120, SV480-0200, SV480-0202, SV480-0203, SV480-0210, SV480-0211, SV480-0212, SV480-0213, SV530-0001, SV530-0002, SV530-0003, SV530-0004, SV530-0005, SV530-0006, SV530-0007, SV530-0008, SV530-0009, SV530-0011, SV530-0012, SV530-0013, SV530-0014, SV530-0015, SV530-0016, SV530-0017, SV530-0018, SV530-0019, SV530-0020, SV530-0021, SV530-0022, SV530-0023, SV530-0024, SV530-0025, SV530-0026, SV530-0027, SV530-0028, SV530-0029, SV530-0030, SV530-0031, SV530-0032, SV530-0033, SV530-0034, SV530-0200, SV530-0210, SV530-0211, SV530-0212, SV530-0213, SV530-0214, SV530-0215, SV530-0216, SV530-0217, SV530-0218, SV530-0219, SV530-0220, SV530-0221, SV530-0222, SV530-0222, SV540-0001, SV540-0002, SV540-0003, SV540-0004, SV540-0005, SV540-0006, SV540-0007, SV540-0008, SV540-0009, SV540-0010, SV540-0011, SV540-0012, SV540-0013, SV540-0014, SV540-0015, SV540-0016, SV540-0017, SV540-0018, SV540-0019, SV540-0019, SV540-0020, SV540-0021, SV540-0022, SV540-0023, SV540-0024, SV540-0025, SV540-0026, SV540-0027, SV540-0028, SV540-0029, SV540-0030, SV540-0031, SV540-0033, SV540-0200, SV540-0202, SV540-0210, SV540-0211, SV540-0212, SV540-0213, SV540-0214, SV540-0215, SV540-0216, SV540-0217, SV540-0218, SV540-0219, SV540-0220, SV540-0222, SV540-0225, SV540-0226, SV540-0228, SV540-0229, SV540-3032, SV540-3034, SV540-3221, SV540-3227, SV590-0001, SV590-0002, SV590-0003, SV590-0004, SV590-0005, SV590-0006, SV590-0007, SV590-0008, SV590-0009, SV590-0010, SV590-0011, SV590-0011, SV590-0012, SV590-0013, SV590-0014, SV590-0015, SV590-0016, SV590-0017, SV590-0017, SV590-0018, SV590-0019, SV590-0020, SV590-0021, SV590-0022, SV590-0023, SV590-0024, SV590-0200, SV590-0210, SV590-0211, SV590-0212, SV590-0212, SV590-0213, SV590-0213, SV590-0214, SV590-0215, SV590-0216, SV590-0218, SV590-0219, SV590-0220, SV590-0221, SV590-0223, SV590-0224, SV590-3217, SV590-3218, SV590-3222, SV600-0001, SV600-0002, SV600-0003, SV600-0004, SV600-0005, SV600-0005, SV600-0006, SV600-0007, SV600-0008, SV600-0009, SV600-0010, SV600-0011, SV600-0012, SV600-0013, SV600-0014, SV600-0015, SV600-0016, SV600-0017, SV600-0018, SV600-0018, SV600-0019, SV600-0020, SV600-0021, SV600-0023, SV600-0024, SV600-0025, SV600-0026, SV600-0027, SV600-0028, SV600-0029, SV600-0030, SV600-0031, SV600-0032, SV600-0200, SV600-0202, SV600-0210, SV600-0211, SV600-0212, SV600-0213, SV600-0214, SV600-0215, SV600-0216, SV600-0217, SV600-0218, SV600-0219, SV600-0221, SV600-0222, SV600-0224, SV600-0225, SV600-0226, SV600-0227, SV600-0229, SV600-0230, SV600-3212, SV600-3220, SV600-3221, SV600-3223, SV600-3228, SV610-0015, SV610-0016, SV610-0017, SV610-0018, SV610-0019, SV610-0020, SV610-0020, SV610-0021, SV610-0022, SV610-0200, SV610-0203, SV610-0210, SV610-0211, SV610-0212, SV610-3212, SV610S-0022, SV620-0001, SV620-0016, SV620-0017, SV620-0018, SV620-0200, SV620-0202, SV620-0210, SV620-0211, SV620-0212, SV620-0215, SV620-0217, SV620-3213, SV620-3216

    • TORO: 13AX60RG544, 13AX60RG744, 13AX60RG848, 13AX60RH544, 13AX60RH744, 74360, 74363, 74370, 74380, 74391

    • TROY-BILT: 13AV77KF066, 13AX60TG766, 13WV77KF066