11244 - Blade Exmark 24-1/2" X 15/16" Mulcher

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11244 - Mulching Blade 24-1/2" L X 3" W X .204" Thick

Center Hole Diameter = 15/16"

For Other Blade Option, Click 11501, 11498


  • (3) 11244 for 72" Cut


  • EXMARK: 103-6394, 103-6394-S, 103-6384, 103-6384-S, 103-6399, 103-6399-S, 103-6404, 103-6404-S, 116-5171, 116-5171-S

  • J THOMAS: EX-24

  • OREGON: 592-033, 392-057, 92-057

  • STENS: 355-347, 355-283, 355-279, 362-827, 302-827

Fits Models

  • EXMARK: Front Runners, Laser AS, Laser Z AC, Laser Z AS, Laser Z LC, Laser Z XP, Laser Z XS, LAZER Z, LAZER Z, Next Laser ASX, Next Laser Z, NEXT LASER Z AS, LZE751GKA724A1, LZE751GKA72RA1, LZS740PKC72400, LZS749AKC72400, LZS749AKC724A1, LZS801GKA724A1, LZS902DKU72R00, LZX921GKA72600, LZX921GKA726C1, LZX940EKC72RT0, LZX980EKC726T0, LZE749EKC72RA1, LZE751GKA724A1, LZE751GKA724A3, LZE751GKA72RA1, LZE801GKA724A3, LZE801GKA72RA1, LZS29EKC724, LZS29KA724, LZS29PKA724, LZS740PKA724, LZS740PKC724, LZS740PKC72400, LZS749AKC72400, LZS749AKC724A1, LZS749EKC724, LZS801GKA72400, LZS801GKA724A1, LZS801KA724, LZS801PKA724, LZS902DKU72R00, LZX34KC726, LZX34KC726SS, LZX38KC726, LZX38KC726CA, LZX38KC726SS, LZX921GKA72600, LZX921GKA726B1, LZX921GKA726C1, LZX921KA726, LZX940EKC72RT0, LZX940KC726, LZX980AKC726T0, LZX980EKC726, LZX980EKC72600, LZX980EKC726T0, LZX980EKC726W0, LZX980KC726, Next Lazer Z Air Cooled, Next Lazer Z Propane, Turf Ranger