49020 - Western®/Fisher® 4-Way Valve Assembly - OEM

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49020 - Western®/Fisher® 4-Way Valve Assembly - OEM is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

This is a Genuine OE 49020 4-Way Valve Assembly

Western/Fisher angle valve kit assembly cable operated pump for Western/Fisher Cable Operated Pump.

This is the whole block that bolts on the side, this is new and has the part the angle cable slides into.

Part # Western 49020 /Fisher uses A5838-25 or 66223 for 6" pumps and A5838-40 or 66224 for 10" pumps the only difference is what they have the cross over adjusted to 2500 PSI or 4000 PSI you can adjust that.

Alternate Part Numbers: 1-W49020, 1-FA5838-25, 1-F66223, 1-FA5838-40, 1-F66224, 49020, A5838-25, 66223, A5838-40, 66224