22869X - Meyer Control DLX Pistol Grip V71 - OEM

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22869X - Meyer Control DLX Pistol Grip V71 - OEM is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

This is a Genuine Meyer OE 22869X Control DLX Pistol Grip

This is only for plows with the V-71 pump this pump is found on the LD 7.5 halfton V plows or the Super V LD

This control has buttons for HFP (Hands Free Plowing) with the automatic raise and lower feature, On/Off, Extend, Extend and Retract for both right and left sides, Scoop, V, and arrows for up, down, left and right. The plug ends has 12 pins.

If there is an error, the controller will flash a code. They are imprinted on the back of the controller or you can find them below:

Continuous Light: Motor solenoid
1 Light Flash: Check red coil wire
2 Light Flashes: Check black coil wire
3 Light Flashes: Check green coil wire
4 Light Flashes: Check yellow coil wire
5 Light Flashes: Check light blue coil wire
6 Light Flashes: Check purple coil wire

Alternate Part Numbers: 22869, 22869X, 1-M22869, 1-M22869X

Meyer Control DLX Pistol Grip V71 - OEM

Alternate Part Number: 22869X