Dear Valued Customers:

As you may have heard from various news outlets, market conditions are changing which is influencing the price of many goods and services here in the U.S. The rising cost of raw materials, labor, transportation and logistics as well as recent tariffs on steel, aluminum and other goods, are also affecting the products we provide to our customers.

These factors affect both the prices we receive from our suppliers as well as our internal costs. Given this scenario we must increase the price on certain products that we supply and distribute to you. This will be done either as a direct product price increase and in some cases an additional "GIT" Government Imposed Tariff which will appear as a separate line item in your cart on specific items. This is being done for those items that have been heavily impacted.

We greatly value your business and hope that many of these increases will either stabilize or be reduced in the near future.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

Professional Parts Warehouse